30 MINUTES WITH... Timothy Hogan

Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

Name: Timothy Hogan

Age: 39

Occupation: Artist, Photographer, Furniture Builder, Craftsman, Hasselblad Ambassador

From: Ellington, Connecticut. Currently lives in Santa Monica, California

First Car: 1982 Toyota Cressida in "shit brown"

Vehicle Featured: 1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia 2.1 liter Flat 4-cylinder, 4-Speed, 90hp. Added: Fox off-road suspension, 1.5" liftLarger brakes up front, General Grabber Tires. South African wheels.

Vehicle History: I wanted to move to CA and become a complete cliche. This place is really inspiring and I wanted to get out and travel in something with character.

Additional Details...The tires: I had similar ones on a Toyota 4 Runner I had prior to my Vanagon.  They're softer, quieter, better-rated for snow, and less expensive than All Terrains.