Hotels: The Nolitan New York City

As the first boutique hotel in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City, The Nolitan has set the bar pretty high.  Architecturally, the building exhibits a modern concoction of cool concrete blended with the warmth of wood, and we like everything about it.  Here's why...

White is dominant in the rooms, but without that <i>hospital</i> vibe some hotels can create.  The stark bathroom area hosting a fantastically-designed bathtub is open to what otherwise is a cozy room accented by the wooden floors and desk. Splashes of color are right on time by way of an arm chair and a strategically-placed throw at the foot of the bed. The eye-grabbing design openly allows a peek into (lest the opaque curtains are drawn) the rooms that rise above the intersection of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets: a striking facade, indeed.

The bar is very intimate, offering nothing more than you need, and I love the library feel of the recessed sitting area as you come in from the sidewalk. Like most recently-built boutique-style hotels, The Nolitan has no doubt joined the club of hotels that have given rise to some of the coolest places to hang out...even if you are a local.  Check it out:

The Nolitan Hotel
30 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012