Breathe, M*ther F*cker! The Techniques of Wim Hof

Wim Hof

I was amidst one of my Instagram postings today, when in my feed, I came across one of Adam Warden's photos he had taken while snowboarding this week.  His caption read, "Ever look up @iceman_hof Breathtraining? Research it..."  And so I did, and it's enlightening, let alone engaging.  

The below video is a glimpse into a breathing technique used to calm oneself as well as have what many have labeled Superhuman Powers, including the ability to withstand crazy cold conditions.  Hof, for example, climbed Mount Everest in nothing other than a pair of shorts, some sun goggles, and oh yeah, a sweatband.

Check out the feature from Vice, and Happy New Year!