Case Study House #22 Stahl House Los Angeles California

Last week, I had the privilege to tour one of the most famous houses in the United States, if not the world: the Stahl House. Known to many as Case Study House #22, located in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, the house is the embodiment of the Case Study catalogue. Designed by architect Pierre Koenig and built over the two years spanning from 1959 to 1960, the house represents the lifestyle of minimalism brought on by the mid-century modern movement of that era. As of 2013, the Stahl House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which also includes other famous architectural works such as Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House in Chicago.

The tour takes a little over an hour and begins with what is virtually free reign of the property for photographic purposes.  No tripods or any cameras that aren't cell phone cameras are permitted on the property, though commercial shoots may be arranged.  After our visual journey, which completely transports you back in time, we all removed our shoes and gathered with our host, Andy, in the livingroom where he explained much of the history of the house as well as a cornucopia of detail.  

The house was built for - you guessed it - the Stahl family, which was a family of 5, even though the house only has two bedrooms. The large windows, which also serve as its exterior walls, are single pane glass which are illegal by today's building codes due to their lack of ultraviolet protection. The roof wouldn't pass inspection, either, as it's completely flat. In fact, if the home were built today, the roof on the outer edge of the home (the cliff side) would need to be four feet higher than the side closest to the street. This is due to rain/water accumulation standards. There's a slew of other details Andy provided, making the visit quite an informative experience, especially if you're not already well-versed in the building codes of today.

To say this house is an inspiration would be a profound understatement, as I hope you will find in the collection of photos I have posted below.  Thank you for reading!