How the "BOSS" Edition Originated for the Ford Mustang


The other day, we posted the above photo of a  Ford Mustang 429 Boss on our Instagram feed. Many don't know where BOSS originated, so we thought to host a bit of a history lesson.  

The first BOSS was the 302 model from the 1969-1970 model year.  It was originally designed by Larry Shinoda, a former GM employee. It had a C Racing strip as well as the absence of the fake air scoops featured of the stock Mustang.  The BOSS was one of the first production models with a front spoiler and a rear deck wing. The name "BOSS" was created when Shinoda was asked what project he was woking on, and his response was, "The Boss's car," an homage to Ford's new President Semon Knudson who brought Shinoda over with him from GM.