Luftgekühlt Porsche Party


On Sunday, I attended Luftgekühlt, the air cooled-specific Porsche meet-up produced by Le Mans racer, Patrick Long and his partner, Howie Idelson, held at the Modernica facilities in Vernon, California.  Never before have I seen such a vast number of vintage Porsches in a given area, not to mention those owned by the attendees not showcasing their car inside. The layout was fantastic, which featured a few different segments including a driving simulator, a merchandise shop, a beer garden, and an auction unlike any other in recent memory.  

Before entering the event, I parked next to a beautiful yellow 911 with blue accents.  Then came a long line of cars idling to be instructed where to park inside (to show your car, you simply applied and paid $25).  Upon entering the party, I was greeted by a few of the most famous cars Porsche has ever created: a silver 904, a gorgeous 356, and of course, a 911 - this one was red sporting a number 8 on the hood. To the right, walking through one of buildings on-site, you passed the driving simulator set up with a small sea of on-lookers until you arrived at another outdoor section where there were a litany of 911s.  Centrally located was the merchandise area and the fenced-in beer garden.  Firestone 805 was the sponsor beer along with some wine.  Food from Clutch in Venice was available, as well.  The left side of the venue was dedicated to some older 356's and Speedsters.  Towards the back were even more 911's, though most a bit newer in age than the rest of the show. 

All in all, it goes without saying: the event was a blast. The people couldn't have been nicer, and the variety of cars was simply spectacular.  Hell, even the recent cloudy weather parted for the 4 hours I attended the event, only to return as I noticed  when starting my car to leave.  This was the kind of brand-specific event that makes you never want to consider buying another make again...ever.  Check out the photos below:

At noon, an auction took place benefiting Autumn Leaves Project, where a 1985 Carrera with a Rally set-up was on offer along with some custom chairs from Modernica.  The car went for an impressive $275,000! Learn more below:

2016-04-10 11.35.17.jpg
Modernica's custom Luftgekühlt chairs auctioned prior to the Porsche

Modernica's custom Luftgekühlt chairs auctioned prior to the Porsche