STANDARD H Formula Series Tees Now Available!

We're big Formula 1 fans here at STANDARD H, so we figured a natural progression would be to honor several of our favorite tracks - some past, some present.  Now presenting: the Formula Series t-shirt collection.  Each shirt hosts a track that acts as its own abstract art on the back, so in keeping with the "secret handshake" mindset of our Shift logo, those in the know, will know.  Modern design. Historical references. Everything that represents STANDARD H.




The Grand Prix of Monaco is effectively synonymous with Formula 1.  Many drivers live there in the off-season, and with such a rich racing history and a setting unlike any other, it's no wonder why the masses appear to watch this race through the city streets of one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The first Grand Prix was held in 1929, and with track elements such as the famous hairpin in front of the Fairmont Hotel, and the casino tunnel which sends the cars towards the marina where mega yachts a docked mere feet from the track, it is one of the hardest tracks on which to pass.  We love this track's outline as it stands on its own in a shape unlike any other track in the world.  For more, click HERE.



Nürburgring is one of the most famous tracks in history.  Located in Germany with fast sections and a necessary technical driving prowess, "The Ring" has been a barometer for most. Many will recognize it on your shirt in an instant, whereas others may inquire.  For more insight on the track, click HERE



Famous for being fast and dangerous, not to mention one of the cooler designs, Spa is often a driver's favorite, as well. Learn more HERE.



Though Laguna Seca has never hosted a Formula 1 race, it came very close in 1989 when it was voted too remote, and the decision was made to host the U.S. race in Phoenix. This, however, has never taken away from Laguna Seca's fame.  Here in our home state of California, its geographical proximity to storied Monterey and the Concourse de'Elegance at Pebble Beach makes it a go-to destination for race fans. In addition, not many tracks can say they've been a featured color for production cars like the BMW M3 and the C7 Corvette. Turn 8, famously known as the "corkscrew," hosts a thrilling twist as well as a significant elevation change. If we could travel back to 1989, we would certainly overturn the decision of not hosting the Formula 1 race here. Learn more HERE