Type A personalities have goal pursuit as default hard wiring. This is excellent for producing achievement, but also anxiety, as you're constantly future focused. I've personally decided that achievement is no more than a passing grade in life. It's a C+ that gets you limping along to the next grade in the right direction. But, for anything more, and certainly for anything approaching happiness, you have to want what you already have which takes perspective...because if you don't want and like what you have, nothing you get will ever make you happy. 

All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes - Andy Puddicombe TED Talk

I love TED Talks.  And this year marked the first time I made meditation a routine thanks to Tim Ferriss.  If you check out the above, you too may find reason to do absolutely nothing...for 10 minutes every day.  As a side note, Tim Puddicombe's app, Headspace, is a great place to start.  enJOY!

Photo Story: Los Angeles, California

Earlier this week, I was in Los Angeles for some meetings that were a success, to say the least. I am excited for what the future holds, and below are several photos from my visit.  


Side note: these Photo Stories won't be this close together, typically, but I was behind on the Austin trip.  Thanks for reading/viewing - enJOY!

Day Travel to Los Angeles California via YouTube

Day trips for meetings are a common occurrence, to say the least. Production.  Creative direction.  Inspiration.  They all play a part of what typically provokes at least one trip a month from our neighborhood of Encinitas.  Above is a recent installment on our evolving YouTube channel. Traditionally, the trip is about two hours give or take.  This day took three and a half. Yippee...

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The below article was originally posted on LinkedIn by Simon Sinek on September 10, 2016

The below article was originally posted on LinkedIn by Simon Sinek on September 10, 2016

When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders.

To become a leader, we have to go through a transition. Some go through it quickly. Some go through it slowly. And, unfortunately, some never go through it at all.

When we are junior, our only job is to be good at our job. When we’re junior, our companies will give us lots of training—how to use the software, how to sell, how to make a presentation—so that we will be good at our job. Some even get advanced degrees so they can be even better at their job— accountants or engineers, for example. And if we are good at our job, the company will promote us. And if we are really good at our job, eventually we get promoted to a position where we become responsible for the people who do the job we used to do. But very few companies teach us how to do that. Very few companies teach us how to lead. That’s like putting someone at a machine and demanding results without showing them how the machine works.


That’s why we get managers and not leaders inside companies. Because the person who got promoted really does know how to do our job better than we do . . . that’s what got them promoted in the first place. Of course they are going to tell us how we “should” do things. They manage us because no one taught them how to lead us.

This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when we get promoted to a position of leadership—that we are no longer responsible for doing the job, we are now responsible for the people who do the job. There isn’t a CEO on the planet who is responsible for the customer. CEOs are responsible for the people who are responsible for the customer. Get that right, and everybody wins—employees and customers.

Leadership is hard work. Not the hard work of doing the job—it’s the hard work of learning to let go. It’s the hard work of training people, coaching people, believing in people and trusting people. Leadership is a human activity. And, unlike the job, leadership lasts beyond whatever happens during the workday.

Excerpted from Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration, in agreement with Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2016 by Simon Sinek Partners, LLC.

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I recall hearing this on a Casey Neistat vlog a while back, and it not only represents this blog well, it embodies the entire spirit of STANDARD H as a whole: