Mental State

How many of you would go back in time and change aspects of your life? Most say they wouldn’t due to the rationale of “I wouldn’t be who I am today without having gone through what I’ve been through.”

Here’s what I’ve only recently understood: if in hindsight you have clarity and are ok with “how you turned out” then don’t let potential future failures hinder you from doing whatever it is you want to do. After all, you’ve already made mistakes, and those future mistakes will only result in “who you will be” while shaping you into (arguably) a better person...or at least someone with a greater knowledge and experience.

So, ditch Fear, and do whatever it is you want to do. You’ll only learn from it, or better yet, you’ll actually SUCCEED at that thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been too chicken to pull the trigger. 

Rock on, my people....rock on.

Quotation: Peter Thiel from ZERO TO ONE

"Tolstoy opens Anna Karenina by observing: 'All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.' Business is the opposite. All happy companies are different: each one earns a monopoly by solving a unique problem. All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition."

- Peter Thiel from ZERO TO ONE