Type A personalities have goal pursuit as default hard wiring. This is excellent for producing achievement, but also anxiety, as you're constantly future focused. I've personally decided that achievement is no more than a passing grade in life. It's a C+ that gets you limping along to the next grade in the right direction. But, for anything more, and certainly for anything approaching happiness, you have to want what you already have which takes perspective...because if you don't want and like what you have, nothing you get will ever make you happy. 


During the start of something new: relationships, a new year, a new business, etc., we are able to identify how they make us feel: happy, or excited. However, when we acknowledge our emotions, we primarily do so when they begin, but we rarely acknowledge the end of certain emotions. 

For example: In tough times, we make ourselves aware of when times are tough, but we don't acknowledge the moments and feelings we feel when things get better. Business is very tough at times, and cause and effect would be an understatement of a characterization. We all induce change at some point (again, be it in business, or in our personal lives), and an important component of change exists when we acknowledge all of these states of emotions, whether we're coming into or out of tough times. Take note of the end of your feelings and not just the beginning of them. 

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Jon Olsson's 800hp+ Lamborghini Huracan

Jon Olsson made his name known by winning Freestyle Skiing gold medals in the Winter X Games throughout the majority of the beginning of this millennium. After making a switch over to downhill ski racing, he started a daily vlog on YouTube, which leads us to the below video.

You read the title of this blog correctly, and what you'll see below is borderline beyond comprehension.  OUtfitted with a supercharged engine and an Akrapovic exhaust, Olsson itches, scratches and screams through the mountainside streets of Monaco.  Like his passenger, this kind of car can only bring smiles to your face, I'm sure.  Check it out:



Considering boredom and curiosity, if we're only interested in getting a result, if we're not really interested in the journey and the process of (it), then we're never really going to find the answer that we're looking for, because the journey and the process, that is the answer. It's learning to observe with a soft focus; with a curious mind; with an open mind that we start to really get an understanding of the dynamics of mind, that we start to experience a better sense of calm and clarity in everyday life.

Dane Reynolds "Chapter 11" Surf Movie

When Dane Reynolds releases anything, more often times than not, I'm interested in checking it out.  His latest edit is no exception. Chapter 11 displays Dane's surfing like only he can, and was entirely filmed during/after his highly publicized split from Quiksilver.  There are several answers to questions I know I had about Dane (and his departure from Quik), which are all answered as he narrates over his unrelinquishing cutbacks, hacks and airs.  To check it out via Monster Children: CLICK HERE.