You Get What You Pay For? We say YES


Below, you'll find a video that does a fantastic job explaining the differences between what you get for each respective price point in the world of watches.  It's definitely intriguing to know the level of detail is truly unsurpassed as one's spending potential climbs. The three brand explored are NOMOS, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and A. Lange & Söhne.   enJOY:

The Car and Watch "Thing" Explained...



Recently, HODINKEE posted an interview with A. Lange & Söhne CEO, Wilhelm Schmid, from the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este which I found to represent and explain some of the sentiments behind cars, watches, and the mental and emotional attachments we collectors share. At times, I find it difficult to describe the "why" we do what we do to those who don't share these passions, or even understand collecting anything, for that matter.  Rather than copy and past the article, I figured I'd go the old SEO route and link to the interview instead.  enJOY:

Mental State

How many of you would go back in time and change aspects of your life? Most say they wouldn’t due to the rationale of “I wouldn’t be who I am today without having gone through what I’ve been through.”

Here’s what I’ve only recently understood: if in hindsight you have clarity and are ok with “how you turned out” then don’t let potential future failures hinder you from doing whatever it is you want to do. After all, you’ve already made mistakes, and those future mistakes will only result in “who you will be” while shaping you into (arguably) a better person...or at least someone with a greater knowledge and experience.

So, ditch Fear, and do whatever it is you want to do. You’ll only learn from it, or better yet, you’ll actually SUCCEED at that thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been too chicken to pull the trigger. 

Rock on, my people....rock on.


Through experience, you'll know that when you're interested in something, it's very easy to focus. Take watching a movie you like, for instance: you don't have to think about paying attention, you just watch it, right? When I heard this via Headspace, it was like a premonition. If you're not focusing, perhaps you've lost interest?

Being distracted these days is relentlessly easy, but I sort of feel like if you're being distracted THAT easily, then perhaps you've lost interest. Does this happen to you? I'm sure it does, whether it be in your business or in your personal relationships. Regardless, this post is nothing more than to remind you to keep your eye on the prize, whatever/whomever that prize may be. 


Type A personalities have goal pursuit as default hard wiring. This is excellent for producing achievement, but also anxiety, as you're constantly future focused. I've personally decided that achievement is no more than a passing grade in life. It's a C+ that gets you limping along to the next grade in the right direction. But, for anything more, and certainly for anything approaching happiness, you have to want what you already have which takes perspective...because if you don't want and like what you have, nothing you get will ever make you happy. 


During the start of something new: relationships, a new year, a new business, etc., we are able to identify how they make us feel: happy, or excited. However, when we acknowledge our emotions, we primarily do so when they begin, but we rarely acknowledge the end of certain emotions. 

For example: In tough times, we make ourselves aware of when times are tough, but we don't acknowledge the moments and feelings we feel when things get better. Business is very tough at times, and cause and effect would be an understatement of a characterization. We all induce change at some point (again, be it in business, or in our personal lives), and an important component of change exists when we acknowledge all of these states of emotions, whether we're coming into or out of tough times. Take note of the end of your feelings and not just the beginning of them. 

(This message brought as an unpaid expert from Headspace.)